Friday, May 7, 2010

A small project.

So, as people may notice, sometimes I do not really have a lot of things to do.
Well, I do have some things I could do and still I prefer to stay lazy infront of the computer... Not really! I love being here! There is a good reason! You know hun :)

So, in the next days, I still don't know how many, I will kinda write a small story in chapters.
Maybe 5.
So if you want to see how it comes out, then feel welcome!

This will be my first writing experiment... I know I'll have fun!


steveroni said...

Will you hold yourself to one chapter each day--or must I check in n your blog every 3 hours--grin!!

Hey whatever you do on YOUR blog is FINE. I look forward to your five-chapter story...or whatever else you write here, OK?

Thank you!

Bananii said...

ok! thanks
yes ONe per day :)

steveroni said...

hey girl...while we are here at this time, maybe you meant in the "Engagement" post--"exposure" instead of "enclosure"? Please I hope you do not mind my intrusion, but only thought you would like to know. If not--tell me, we shall still be blog-friends.

Bananii said...

NO! it is ok! I appreciate it!

Gugo said...

Great Hun! You are the best! Tell meee about computer hours...

lv u!