Thursday, May 6, 2010

Glimpse of youth

When I opened my eyes I asked myself,
When do we start to be conscious of ourselves, of the world surrounding, of reality.
How much time we loose trying to create a world in our heads, a world that never existed.
Utopias that suits us better than what we have to face with our naive eyes.
Being young, a gift life gave us, something we are never really aware of until it
slowly abandon our skin... and sometimes our souls.
How much time we loose...

Feeling like life is just starting, so many things, so many new sensations.
Young love, free passionate and pure.
Young smile, wide and sincere.
Young strenght, short and powerfull.

What do we aim for? Being invincible?
Being strong? Forever young?

Enjoy life's joys.
Smile with grace.
Run while you are still strong.
Love, love as much as you can, because that remains until you're old.

How much time we loose...

"there are things that drift away... like our endless numbered days" iron&wine-passing afternoon


steveroni said...

Yep! Good advice you give:
Enjoy the gifts!
Be happy,
Live with enthusiasm.
Yes, live and love.
And be at peace.
All for today, for this IS my gift, this moment, this day, this place.

You really write well, so now I shall look back into your archives a bit...

Gugo said...

Enjoy life... with someone you love...