Saturday, May 29, 2010

Helpless smile :)


I look at myself at the mirror...


Somehow I´ve been trying to ignore that something about me has changed,

but now my reflection screams the truth.


There is something about my eyes... I can´t really tell.


And this reddish cheeks seem brighter to me.


There is something different, definitely...


This thoughts are filling my head again.


Im feeling embarrased and silly.


I remember those words "Flight as you might... I want to fly with you" and here it comes again, inevitable.


Eyes filled with light, God! this is new. *blushing*


Now I can admit something has changed inside, because it reflects on the outside.


No, I can´t deny it, it is just so good.


I know why I changed, the reason is written all over my face, lights up my eyes and is implied in every single move I make.




Yes, this whole situation, your words, our faith.... they place this helpless smile on my face.


(fly as you might. julian plenti)


steveroni said...

What a neat poetic descriptive of what almost everyone has experienced earlier, later or maybe always inthe courses of life.

Thank YOU, Bananii!

Dulce said...

that was me! how come? so far, so similar we women of the world are...

Bananii said...

Steve: Thank you! what we´ve been saying about that everyone has lived it makes me feel better and less stupid because HEY! I am not crazy!
(actually I am... but dont tell that to anybody XD)

Dulce: Yes!! I like the fact that we can be very similar in some of our posts! So glad I found you here.
Nice "coincidence"huh?