Wednesday, May 19, 2010

From this side of the window (p.4)

I did not kill my mom... how could I? I mean, I know I hate her, but I would never do something like that.

After all If I can still remember, when they brought me here, they said it was because of the video of me killing a cat saying it was my mom.

Now my brother calls and tells me that mom is dead... and that I killed her!

Well, I know I did not... I would never do that.

So, now I think I´ve lost all my beloved ones (even my mom if it is true that she´s dead). I mean I hate her! but she was my mom after all.

Its been nearly two months after that call that turned my world upside down.
I have to stay here, and to be honest, I think Im getting used to it.

I´ve learned to stay away from the shrink, how to avoid my nurse´s pills, how to scape from the human meat eater (who by the way tried to steal one of my hairs every single day) and to listen "blah, blah, blah" when Anne Boleyn talks to me.

Maybe there is a chance that I can get out from here soon.
I don´t have where to go, but any place is better than here.

Tasteless food, no one calling, people talking to me as if I were some kind of retarded... talkin about that, how come they never ask about my mom and the dead cat?

Maybe I should try to find out the truth, maybe if I start crying and say I miss my mom, they will be able to "treat me" so I could fake my total recovery and get out from here.

Ooh, yes. My rage-control therapy is now over.
And I dont take too many pills a day, so it is fine.

I am starting to wonder why they can´t notice Im not crazy...

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Gugo said...

eagerly waiting for the end....