Tuesday, May 11, 2010

From this side of the window.

Day 1.

Well, I know where I am.
What I do not know is why I ended up here.
At least they allow me to write, i have some sheets and a non sharp pencil (they say I may try to kill myself, funny because I suspect it is exactly what they want to do to me here, there cant be another reason).
Maybe I shouldnt write stuff like this, if they find it they will probably send me again to that stupid room with the stupid old lady who keeps asking why am I so stubborn. "Why cant you just cooperaate?" she asks "Did your parents hurt you when you were small? Did you have any friends? Are you suicidal?".
Honestly, I dont know what the hell she is talking about!
Yes, I am in a mental institution.
I am not crazy, I am here because my neighbor who actually IS crazy and should be here instead of me, had a tape with me on it killing her cat at the time I assure the cat name was Ruth, my moms name. It is followed by an extense speech of bad words and other unpleasant stuff.
Well, I didnt kill the stupid cat, I didnt even know she had a cat!
Among other stuff, Ive never been allowed to see the tape.
So, what is the worst part from being captive here? People.
Insane people are even more scary than sane ones...
Pill time... I have to go. If I am still alive tomorrow, maybe I will write about crazy people.


Gugo said...

Interesting... wating for part II

Dulce said...

This is really intersting... tell us more about it... Are you really there?

steveroni said...

Hey! If you wish to write about crazy peeps, i think I can help. Start with ME!

Bananii said...

hahaha :)

Anonymous said...

No more? You tease!

Don Carlo said...

Gosh, I must have missed Part II through Part XXII. Please show me where to find.

HURRY...they are bringing my pills in one minute. They have been trying to kill me for 28 years. I do not believe they know what they are doing.