Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We all keep some details from our past like secrets.
We lock them underground and hope nobody finds them.
And we wish we could forget, but still we are in the need of guarding our chest of secrets day and night, so we are constantly forced to remember our dreadful past.

Would we remember who we are if suddenly the past was erased?
Would we make the same mistakes? 
Would we keep on being who we are?

Talking about mistakes, they play us tricks.
They may appear in our lives like a temptation ready to be biten.
Something that will satisfy us.

Therefore, we fell into it. We bite the apple.
And we are sure there´ll be no need of revealing what we did.
That we´ll get along as usual and that maybe after a while it won´t matter that much.

We may thought we won, that we got away with what we did, but then as somethimes it happens in life, something or someone arrives to our lives changing us and changing the world around us.
There is when we experience that feeling of wanting to give ourselves completely to them.
But there´s something between us and them: our past.

Those secrets we swore nobody would know keep on loafing around our head longing to be spoken, to be exposed, because after all we realize it is the only way of making ourselves free and complete again.
Even when those secrets may take that "someone" or that "something" away from us forever.

"Sitting here stuck on stupid, trying to figure out
When, what, and how I'mma let this come out of my mouth
See it ain't gon' be easy" (My confessions p.2-Usher)


Gugo said...

There is NOTHING in the world God wont forgive and If He does who are we no to do so?

So please forgive and forget.

I'm here, anytime...

Maha said...

THis is seriously astounding and very thought-provoking.
There are two kind of secrets, ones you can bear to remember even if with difficulty, and when you come so close to someone, when you tell them to him, it'll be like talking to yourself.
the second one are the secrets you yourself cannot afford thinking of for they make you feel deeply mortified. these, no one at all can know.