Thursday, July 15, 2010

Great fun...

My dear friend... My new friend.
How come we got here?
Who would have said... we knew each other, but, I believe we never really saw each other!
But one day... you saw me and I fell.

Music, music, music. Shame on you music! it was all your fault.
And you thought it was special, you thought it would happen, but...

Baby, I am sure...

Hmm. A 1, 1, 2, 3, 4...

It was just one of those things
Just one of those crazy flings
One of those bells that now and then rings
One of those things...

Was it your ego what made you believe I´d stay?
You said you were not leaving "everything" for "nothing".
With "nothing" you meant "me"...
I could not pretend that you were not threatening to me.
l needed my space...
I'm not lying, I valued survival over you.

If we'd thought a bit about the end of it
As we started painting the town
We'd have been aware that our love affair
Was too hot not to cool down...


So good-bye and amen
Here's hoping we'll meet now and then
It was great fun
But it was just one of those things
One of those things!!!

Sorry you thought it would be more than that. ;)

(Fictional story. Adapted from "One of those things-Jamie Cullum" and "Sorry -Daniel Bedingfield")


steveroni said...

Well, I have to say, Lu Ann...OMG! This is REAL GOOD! The song? Fine, have known and played it for years. But those thoughts in between that you either created or hijacked (it doesn't matter to me!)...those are the WOW! of this post.

You DONE IT AGAIN, Babe....


Dulce said...

Welcome to the club again.
Ay cariño.
La vida cuando se refiere a asuntos del amor se complica tanto y termina siempre en una especie de esto que tú describes tan tan bien...

Yes-you 've stated it so clearly so beautifully... Either they go or we go... there is always a loser left behind, somehow...better when it's them who are left behind- no?

...The more I read you the more I like you ,hun!

Un abrazo fuerte

Lu Ann said...

:) Thank you both! for reading and advicing and everything! It really means a lot for me that such great writers and poets and persons like you find me to be "interesting". Well its not that I wouldnt be if you were not reading me but its kinda an honor, so thanks :)

Noo those between the lines are mine Steve :)

steveroni said...

Yessss! I KNEW those were your words...of course. Just wanted to note whether you read your comments--GRIN!!!

I looked up these words, so feel they are appropriate even written by ME:

Un abrazo fuerte