Friday, July 16, 2010

Me and Mrs. Jones

Is it late?
Im almost there... is it too much to arrive 30 minutes earlier?
The flower shop is only two blocks away, I think I´ve got enough time to buy her some flowers.
Wait... did she said she loved roses or that she could not stand that kind of romanticism?
Anyway, I am here now so let´s see.

"Hello sir, what can I do for you?"
"I want some flowers"

Oh God! of course I want some flowers, why else would I be here? Ok, calm down and answer.

"I would like... special flowers."
"For a special lady?"
"Yes, I believe she likes roses..."
"Ah! very classic! Well, today it´s your lucky day because... look, they came this morning. So, how many do you want?"
"A dozen please."

No. What if I look ridiculous waiting inside sitting at that table with a dozen roses? It´s not like Im proposing... it is not even a fancy restaurant, it is just a café!
What if she does not come? Or what if she is leaving a message right now saying that she won´t be able to make it and Im here stupidly buying her some flowers?

"Wait... just one please."
"As you say sir. Here you have, this one is the prettiest. I bet she will like it."
"I hope she does..."

I really do.

Hurry up. I wish she gets here early or I will start feeling nervous.
Hmm... this table is nice, the window is near so if she gets bored she will be able to distract herself looking at the cars and the trees and I won´t feel so bad.

"Can I suggest you our freshly baked bread? or maybe you´d like our..."
"I´m waiting for someone."

What time is it? 5:58
Please, please... come.
I think I would not be able to forgive you if you leave me waiting...
I think it would be better if I stop looking at the door.
If she comes it is ok, if she doesn´t then it will be fine, I´ll walk out, throw away this rose and walk home.
That´s it.


I wont wait any longer than this, people are staring. I bet they are saying "Look, that poor guy is waiting for someone who won´t come"
I´ll pretend Im going to the bathroom and then I´ll slide to the door. I hope nobody notices me.

6:11 That´s it. Let´s go home stupid guy.

"Am I too late? I´m really sorry..." When did she came in?
"No, no, it is ok. I just got here to be honest."
"Really if you got to leave I´ll understand."
"No! Come sit, how was your day?"
"Really busy, but it is done now so I feel pretty fine. Did you order yet?"
"No, I was waiting for you."

"Is that a rose?"
"What? This? Oh yes... well it is for you."

She´s smiling. That is awesome!

"Thank you."

Her eyes are sparkling... how I wish I could tell her right now, right here how much I love her.

( Wait for part two tomorrow... or maybe on monday (: )


Maha said...

it's always very sweet when a guy is nervous. You captured that very well.

steveroni said...

Her eyes are sparkling--so I think she already knows how much she is loved...but tell her anyway, of course.

I would not wait. Maybe that is why they always have run away--grin!

Waiting for PART II

THE BEATY said...

wow very interesting. I also love how nervous the guy is lol. nice to find another teen blogger

Dulce said...

Do they suffer that much? good to know it's not only us who do...
LEt's see what happens next!

Gugo said...

Roses hummm! Classic!...
A guy nervous. waiting for a girl! classic!(does that sound familiar to anyone here?)

Lu Ann said...

Maha: Oh! yes it is very sweet to see a guy in that situation.. specially if its for you.

Steve: I believe he will tell....
Beaty: Hey! nice to meet you!

Gugo: amm familiar? naaaah I dont even know what youre talkin bout ;)