Tuesday, July 27, 2010


OBSESION by The Sconek-T

(Listen to the song as you read and read slowly :))

I woke up at same grotesque place every night...
I can´t stand it...
All those eyes staring at me.
Darkness all around me.
Where am I?

I am not here... I am not here.

Silence! Silence!

The wind, it is colder than I ever thought. It hurts my skin.
Is this blood?

Keep on walking. There must be a way out, right?
If I could only remember how I got here.

How I wish I could see anything human, anything.

I am tired of being here. I dont know anything about this world.
I dont even know where I am standing. Is it grass?
No, it can´t be grass, its thicker. It tastes funny.

And where are you when you were supposed to be here?
You should be here, not me.
And still I keep on paying for your mistakes.
Do you care? Do you remember me?
Did you ever see me?
Did you ever know me?
Did you ever believe I was real?

If you did not... then why would you promised it? Why did you say you´d try?
You said you would dry my tears.
You said we would run away.
You said a lot...
You were lying... you lie all the time...
you lie...

I hate you! I hate you with all that´s left of me!

I made you real, I made you breathe, I made you who you are by letting myself down.
And you sent me here.
You left me here.

But I wont be here any longer.
This is the day were I will leave this hell.
And this hell is like yourself.
Am I trapped inside your mind? Is that it?
So this is why everything looks so sick and disgusting?
Am I standing over your brain?
Am I inside your memories?
And where am I locked huh?

Where did you keep my name?
Where did you send me?
Did you forget me yet?
I wont let you forget me...
You don´t deserve it.
I must be somewhere... and I´ll find myself in this place where you lost me.
You wont forget me... you don´t deserve it.

Does it hurt?
Do you even know what is going on inside your mind?
Are you crying? Well that is me... that is me raking inside your past.
Unrevealing your secrets and letting out those memories you swore you would never ever remember again.
It was a very bad idea bringing me here darling...

I can´t go out.
I can´t breathe.
I can´t...

You should better hide.
I am coming.
I am coming...


Maha said...

that's an amazing post;your imagery was so vibrant.

Lu Ann said...

:) thaank yoou

Gugo said...

"Do you even know what is going on inside your mind?"
You were right is about a damaged mind! haha
Well done!

steveroni said...

Your imagination excels in each post I am reading. How does one so young (well not young mentally) think and write with such depth, such perception, such...well, BEING another person?

Are you a genius? Extraordinary intelligence you posses, and all most of us can do is read, enjoy, and thank GOD for you and your willingness to share your gifts.


Lu Ann said...

steve: Thbnak you for sharing your gifts with me too!