Sunday, July 18, 2010

Me and Mr. Jones

Aghh... stupid boss. Why should HE ask me to stay TODAY to finish THIS stupid report!
I told him I needed to go out at 5:00 o´clock.
Whatever, I should better keep working. Hope I dont get there very late.

Ok... 5:35, I think I can still make it even when I won´t be able to change my clothes.
Should I text him?
God! Calm down! It is not like it was a date! It´s just a friendly cofee.

"Hello young lady, where should I take you?"
"Am... here is the adress, let me see... I had it right here. Here it is."
"Oh... sorry I´m not wearing my glasses..."
"I need to get there fast... give it to me and I´ll read it for you... please?"
"No, no. There will be no need. I can do it. Ok, let´s go, I know exactly how to get there fast, don´t you worry my dear."

What if he does not shows? Ahh! I hate Deny for suggesting me that idea.
Nah! He is not like that, he will come I am sure. After all he was the one who wanted to meet me.
Where did I kept my eyeliner?

"Ah! sir can you drive more carefully? I almost pop my eye out!"
"It will only take a minute!"

No... why is he getting out of the car?What is he doing!? I need to get there in five minutes!
"I dont mean to bother you sir but I really need to get there fast..."

"It´s just that I forgot to check the tires."

Hurry up, hurry up.


Great! I can still make it, after all two or three minutes late is not that bad, is it?

"Im sorry young lady, do you have any tweezers?"
"What? Tweezers? What for?"
"I just need them."
"What is wrong with you! Who would lend you tweezers in this moment? I told you I needed to get there fast."
"If you want to help then lend me those tweezers young lady and stop yelling at me! This generation is oh! so disrespectful."
"Oh! forget it. Where are we?"
"Only two blocks away..."
"I´ll walk from here."

Ah! Could this day be worst?

"Hey! you did not pay me young lady!"
"Here you have! keep the change."
"Oh, thank you. You are so kind..."

Yes, whatever.
Oops... Well maybe I If run...

Im here. But... how will I come in just like that?
I am terrible late.
What if he already left? Wait a minute... there he is.

Should I talk to him and apologize? Or should I just sit down?
Why is that waiter staring at me? Ah! stop it! Why is he smiling? Do I look bad?
Anyway... too late to leave.

"Am I too late? I´m really sorry..."
"No, no, it is ok. I just got here to be honest."

I dont believe him... he looks like he has been here forever!

"Really if you got to leave I´ll understand."
"No! Come sit, how was your day?"
"Really busy, but it is done now so I feel pretty fine. Did you order yet?"
"No, I was waiting for you."

What is that? a flower? Is it for me? Should I ask?
"Is that a rose?" Why did I ask? I feel stupid!
"What? This? Oh yes... well it is for you."
"Thank you."

He remembered I love roses.That is so sweet!


steveroni said...

Me and Mrs. Jones: I do not know how long these have been running, but what a breath of freshness! Thank you. Subject which befalls everyone at some time.

You treat so well, the emotions demanded here; Frustration, fright, tenseness, tiredness, exasperation, then sitting at peace, pleasant thoughts, anticipation (Maybe...).

I do not know how long a time this story has been running, but you MUST keep it going. PLEASE?
SO many possibilities could happen.

Thank you.

Gugo said...

I greatfully enjoy this one... And of course if he really cares, He will remember that roses are the favorites of the lady... surely sometime...