Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Jones...

Boring day at work... as always.
Working at this café gets more boring everyday... people here today are the same that were yesterday.
Like that old lady right at the back, she always gets here at 5:10 and order a capuccino.
I wonder... do people have lives?
Well, look who´s talking...

Hey... that guy has been standing next to that table for at least a decade... sit little guy! Here or there the coffee tastes just the same!!

He seems anxious. He keeps playing with the tablecloth!!
I wonder if he´s waiting for someone, maybe he´s waiting for his girlfriend.
Nope, if she was his girlfriend she would already be here.
Girls in love not usually leave their man waiting.
Or... maybe she´s one of those girls that like to make men wait, as if like that they would respect them more or something.
Ah... I dont understand women!
That´s why I always say that men should NEVER EVER try to understand women, but to love them.

But.. If I was him I would probably leave when I found out she was not there. If not, he is giving her the power over him, which is terrible.
Maybe he´s waiting for a friend or he´ll talk about business with someone important... nah, if he was important he would not be here, he would probably be at "Bistro" all the way down street..

Haha... it can´t be. He´s holding a flower! A red rose! Oh... that is soo typical.
Is imagination overrated or what?
I´d have better bought an orchid, and more because I guess that he really likes her, if not he would have left.
And I believe she is not his girlfriend because he would have called her a long time ago to know where she was or maybe he would have picked her up from work...

I want to know... I´ll ask him

"Can I suggest you our freshly baked bread? or maybe you´d like our..."
He even got scared when I approached to talk to him... ahh poor guy maybe he thought I was her.

"I´m waiting for someone."

Ok sir, whatever...
Ah, yes now Im convinced, he is waiting for "her".

I wonder if she is pretty. I believe she is.

Wow... 6:07
Too late!
Leave guy leave!


I bet he´s about to go.
I think he´ll leave the flower on the table and then silently slip out from here.
I know! I´ll take away the vase so he´ll be forced to leave it right there to the sight of everyone!

No... that´s too mean. I wouldnt like someone to do that to me. Poor guy, his crush did not come, that´s enough bad luck for him.

Wait... there´s a girl standing behind him.
Would it be her?
No, she would have sit and say hello, she´s just staring at him.
It better be her...

Agh, I can´t see her face. I want to know if she is handsome.
Oops... she caught me staring.

Whatever, this is way too amusing as to stop staring...

Indeed! she is the one!
She is indeed very beautiful!

How lucky are the ones who wait with a flower in a hand...

Image http://www.flickr.com/photos/gugolastico/


Gugo said...

Imagine all those great things can see those who stare? stories of both of love and dispair...

Lu Ann said...

do you mean to keep it going like this steve? haha

dulce said...

Lovely story all the way through. You gifted one!

Great ending!