Monday, July 5, 2010

We all want to change the world....

I´ve been called a dreamer.
I´ve been called naive and childish
so often that sometimes I feel those words as part of me.
The truth is... I am none of them.
"Dreamer" is commonly used to describe someone who dreams about unfeasible things.
I do not fit there.

My aim is straight, my legs are still strong, my heart is still beating.

But... the fact is that... we all want to change the world.
What we not always realize is that we are not even able to change our own world.

I can count about 10 people who made a real difference -at least for a while- in the world... are they so different from us?
Is there any weird gene in them that we dont have?

In a smaller or bigger way...
We all want to change the world....


Dulce said...

If I cannot dream and keep dreaming... I cannot live.. Yes let's be dreamers, what else?

steveroni said...

Lu Ann, you are so nice in your comments on s'roni. Thank YOU!

As to changing the world--for me--I don't know. Do we not change a part of the world every time we smile at someone who is frowning--and they smile BACK at us? Really, I do that a lot! True.

OTOH, I do NOT want the world to change ME! Call it selfish, or whatever, but I was born that way.

Maha said...

What a beautiful post!
I love how deep you can go.

Lu Ann said...

Dulce: Ok... I believe you are right!

Steve: OOh you´re welcome!! nice way of changing the world.
I dont want the world to change me either (hush) haha
Maha: :) Thank u!