Thursday, July 22, 2010


Is it much what I am asking for?
No. I don´t ask for much.

I just want to walk by the street being myself, looking like myself and breathing free.

To be truly free. With no one standing in my way judging me without even knowing me, no more labels.

I wish I could go where it pleases me and don´t feel scared just because I am a woman.
I wish I could show who I am.
I wish that as Anna Frank I could say when Im in the ground watched by a million eyes which in one way or another want to destroy me "I still believe people is good", but I can´t say that.

People is not good.

I am not safe.
I am not "free".
Not when they´re around...

All I ask for is living in a world where being beautiful is not a curse but a simple condition.
Where you can walk on the street without wishing you could hide under a monk disguise or cover your face with a paper bag.

I just wish I could feel less humilated because of what they think and say about me when it ain´t my fault. When I did nothing wrong.
I am just who I am and that should not be a curse.
I just wish people could respect me. I just wish men could respect women...

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Gugo said...

As to my concern women are quite high than men and is a shame that someone don't respect them. And for you I think you are surrounded by men that respect you and care and love you, and if someone disrespect you... well he'll see :@