Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sometimes I may...
I may talk too loud all the time,
and even when you hush me I may not be able to speak lower.
I may forget little things that you mentioned on a phone call,
know that I usually forget details but I do care about what you say.
I may be a naive dreamer,
but my intentions are good.
I may not talk much either with you or with others,
know that is not my main ability.
I may not understand all that you are talking about,
but I want to listen to your stories.
I may cry about a lot of things,
but I am not weak.
I may feel scared about the future,
remember that I am young.
I may make a lot of mistakes,
please understand that I´m still learning.
I may act childish sometimes,
know that Im scared of getting you bored.
I may be loving,
but I also need my space.
I may not talk much about my past,
you know that it hurts me deeply.
I may be too impulsive,
sometimes I can´t stop myself.
I may be vague,
it is because my mind is creating stories.
I may not be smiling all the time,
still I may be as happy as if I was laughing.
I may not have a lot of friends,
maybe with you is enough for me.
I may be pretty,
but I am not arrogant.
I may tell you what I think a million times over,
because for me it is important that you know who I really am.
I may mention God a lot.
you know its because I love Him more than anything.
I may want you to sing all the time,
maybe... maybe it is because I like your voice.
I may write all the time,
it is the way I express myself.
I may always say what´s on my mind
because I never know if there will be a tomorrow.
I may trust you a lot,
but it is not your obligation.
I may like too much when you show me that you care,
cuz even when I say it too much...
I like to show you that I care too.


steveroni said...

"Only in my dreams"!!!! (Please, do not take that as was just the first thing out of this old head, OK? --grinning!)

Yes, many Peeps--me included--DO care, and will, until we are gone across that ocean into the next faraway land.

And no. NO! Your writing will forever NEVER bore anyone, anytime, anywhere. Guaranteed!

Thank you for your pieces here, you are extremely talented young lady, and highly may have guessed this--grin!


Gugo said...

Please know that this is you and I'm glad to have the blessing of having you in my life... You indeed make me happy! and learning about you is a great thing to do!

dulce said...

Was this written by you or by me?
I mean I relate to this 100%, except for God.. I love others much more than Him, more than even myself.

Great write, better read!


Lu Ann said...

Steve: Ah1! thank you very much! You make me feel special and talented. Its my pleasure to share my pieces here with all of you.

Gugo: :)It is an incredible and amazing miracle and blessing to have you in my life too. I really thank God for yout life.

Dulce: hahahaha!! sure you could have written this too!
:) Oh... well I hope one day I can share with you my points of view about God and why I love Him it would be a nice experiment dont you think?