Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Take a look inside.

If someone could look under our skin they would find an external layer of lies and sugar masks; but if they took the time to look very underneath, they would find the truth tied to our very bones.

There, the answer of where we came from, which are our secrets and who are we lies.
There would be no protection. 


But, when you know you hide a truth... an universal truth which longs to be spoken, which need to be heard, then you have to think twice about keeping it all for yourself.
So the chance arrived from me.
I have the opportunity to stand up, for my voice to be heard... but Im afraid.
Im not sure if I can handle exposing myself to so many people who thought they knew me.
To expose the truth of who I used to be and the reason of who I am now.

Will I be strong enough as to swallow my tears and fears and share my truth?
Am I ready?

Who´s ever ready?


Gugo said...

So... Have you made up your mind? If so do not worry God will help you thru this and anything you need I also be here to support you! ;) you know you count with me

izzy said...

For me it is often HOW, I say it-
if you practice writing simple "I"
statements: I feel
I think
I used to be
you may find a way to say the truth
without lying.
'Courage is faith that has said its prayers.'

steveroni said...

All I know about the truth IS: There is ONLY one "truth", whatever that may be.

And about "false": There are as many as heavenly stars above.

And that's the truth (I think--grin!)