Sunday, July 11, 2010


What a lovely woman born in 1948
living everyday with a smile on her face.
Going thru life sitting on her wheelchair
What seemed a curse was only a blessing to her

She may have missed a lot for not being able to walk 
but all this time she knew that she was never alone.
She spent her life always thanking  God.
Maggie´s gone, but she´s with the Lord.

What a beautiful example of joy and strenght 
never complained of the pain that she felt
always trying to help others instead of herself
and never looking for someone to blame.

Angels heard the news yesterday:
That brave amazing woman is on her way
Heaven sang and the sun shone today...
For this day and ever God will comfort her.

Her whole life is a taste of God´s love 
another fight, another battle won
Oh! Maggie´s happy, she´s with the Lord
and she´ll live in my heart for this day and on.

(We all miss you...)


Gugo said...

One of those things that make us remember how blessed we are, to be as we are and we shall be thankful with Him for it, but also we must be thankful in time of sadness and dispear.

Great writing Miss Lu!

Mr. Stupid said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I am happy for she is with the lord. This was a beautiful tribute...:)

Jingle said...

I know nothing can stop one from living a happy or fulfilling life, not disability...Lord is the hope, he is there to help one go through everything in life...

What a blessed reflection..
Thanks for sharing!

Christine said...

Loving tribute; the passage about angels hearing the news and heaven singing was especially moving! Very nice piece.

Bing (PinkLady) said...

this speaks of death yet it is so inspiring and uplifting. very well done! i'm sure maggie is happy where she is now where the need for wheelchairs do not exist.

Medieval Mist